[Wine] VNC/XEPHYR/8bit/256 colour mode and wine

wine000019 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 6 21:30:57 CDT 2009

i did some research about old games on new computers; found a link pointing me to vnc or xephyr; downloaded both, couldnt even get vnc to function, xeph did ok, except for the purpose to which i wanted it for. the game will not even start in wine; its warcraft 2; before i used xeph i could start it until i tried bnet; then colour mode kicked me out; now i cannot start it, whats the deal? also xephyr doesn't work the way the 250 colour workaround on winehq described; so i went to another site and copied there command and ran wine from the new 640x480 window xephyr opened; which gave me a debugging script; not the game.

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