[Wine] WoW, and most other games, do not run under Wine.

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Wed Apr 8 09:06:47 CDT 2009

hawtpawkithero wrote:
> trying to play World of Warcraft and I am receiving graphical issues that cause the game to be unplayable

I can not view your screen shot, but a couple things to check:

Intel video cards do not often work well in Linux due to lack of good 
drivers and they are not often good for newer/high graphics requirement 
games in general. If you have an Nvidia card available and can add it to 
your laptop you might want to try using it with current drivers and see 
if that helps.

Are you adding -opengl to the end of the command line when you start the 
game -or- have you added it to a file to run the game in opengl 
automatically per one of the WoW how-to's? If you have not done one or 
other of those then you are likely to have many graphics issues in game.

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