[Wine] How can we improve WNE?

Austin English austinenglish at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 11:51:36 CDT 2009

Rather than quote everything over again, a few simple comments.

The settings are _not_ as rare as you think. I'm rarely in #winehq
(usually logged in, but not active), but I'm on wineusers a lot, and
read every single bugzilla e-mail. I'm also an admin on the AppDB, and
I have several dozen (albeit minor) patches committed to Wine. I know
_very well_ Wine's stance on hacks.

The point is that those settings are useful, and are used pretty
often. The argument that "It'll be fixed soon enough, and won't be an
issue" is a moot point. I filed that bug (add D3D options to winecfg)
6 months/_16_ wine versions ago. We still don't have sane defaults. If
this were to be fixed in the next release or two, I'd agree with you.
But the fact of the matter is that it's not as quick as you think it's
going to be.

Winecfg is there to make settings changes easier for commonly changed
(and some not so commonly changed) settings. Like I already said,
_everything_ in winecfg can be done elsewhere, including audio
settings/drive configurations. Changing these graphics settings is
_NOT_ as deadly as you think. It doesn't lead to data loss, only
crashes in some programs. Changing some native dlls has the same
effect. We allow users to set their DPI to deadly high levels, and
what do you know, there's a FAQ entry about it, for those who make the
mistake (http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-571dc6ece76ab0d1da9e52d5c49f30d0422fdf04).
There's no reason we couldn't do the same for D3D apps (a lot of D3D
games don't work, what's the problem?). Check video drivers, upgrade
to latest wine, make sure you've tried with default D3D options, if
not, try changing ORM, etc.

As I've already said, we don't have to babysit users for everything.
We do some babysitting, granted (not running with sudo, not changing
C: drive in winecfg, not allowing overriding ntdll/user32/etc.), but
changing graphics settings is _completely_ different. It's not a
special case, simply because it'll be fixed soon, nor because it can
crash other applications. With a warning in place, it can help our
users run their applications more easily, and last I checked, that's
the point of winecfg.

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