[Wine] Re: How can we improve WNE?

man_in_shack wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 9 03:28:32 CDT 2009

fcmartins wrote:
> Let me try: option 1 is not about wineprefixes, it's a a mid-way solution between keeping a wineprefix per application and having one wine prefix for all applications (as done by bare Winecfg). So:
> - just take the set of settings managed by winecfg (a subset of the whole registry, right?),
> - winecfg UI allows the user to specify that the current settings are specific to a certain app (identified by path name),
> - keep these settings in the registry (.../wine/winecfg/app1/...)
> - at launch time, the launcher checks whether the app has a specific set of winecfg settings, if so, changes the corresponding parts of the registry, and only then launches the app.

Wine already has per-application settings for stuff configurable in winecfg and UsefulRegistryKeys. Why do you suggest a copy of the complete registry for each application?

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