[Wine] Re: passing parameters to winstall

anystupidname wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 10 16:01:38 CDT 2009

Thanks for the reply. I was not trying to use the actual UNC paths. I was trying things like this:
wine "/mnt/apropos/Winstall/Winstl32.exe" "/mnt/apropos/Winstall/apr6x_LocalLinkClients.lst" "/NoNetwork"

In case others make this newb mistake:
I mapped "/mnt/apropos" to "D:" in winecfg per your suggestion and ran this:
wine "D:\Winstall\Winstl32.exe" "D:\Winstall\apr6x_LocalLinkClients.lst" "/NoNetwork"
which worked! It installed and placed a shortcut on the desktop.

Now it looks like the program launcher isn't cooperating:

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