[Wine] Re: Test: patch to add adva,ced d3d settings in winecfg

fcmartins wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 11 11:59:34 CDT 2009

I've applied the patch Austin sent me (thanks) agains 1.1.19. There is only a loose French label in the Graphics tab ("Permettre le Pixel Shader...", which I guess is the one reported before. 

I think there are a few bugs (not necessarily caused by the patch):
- the Applications Listbox is not correctly displayed: it misses the recessed effect
- the Windows version is not set by default AND winecfg does not keep it

Also, when adding an application, there is a stray bar displayed on the middle-left side of the listbox. but this one for sure existed already in 1.1.18.

I think there is also a tiny-tiny usability issue: for a normal user, there is no difference between the settings in the Direct3D section and the Advanced Button settings, i.e., all of them are likely to be perceived as advanced, anyway. It could be relabeled "Other settings", but it's not really relevant. 

Since there is no help function, it could be useful to point the user to  http://wiki.winehq.org/UsefulRegistryKeys for further explanations.

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