[Wine] Re: Images not show (or flickering) in old app

sciurius wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 12 05:20:57 CDT 2009

There's only one message during startup:
err:ole:CoCreateInstance apartment not initialised

This screenshot shows a typicial screen
[Image: http://www.squirrel.nl/pub/xfer/wine01.png ]
The big grey area should show an image of a chicken. The grey area below should contain the text "k . ." (where the name of the object is to be filled in). The right grey area should show a star.

When the window has been obscured by another window, the non-obscured parts appear, as can be seen in this screenshot
[Image: http://www.squirrel.nl/pub/xfer/wine02.png ]
Also, when I move around the window, the image of the chicken appears. The "k . ." and star does not show.

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