[Wine] Re: L4D crashes reaching in-game, d3d_shader bug maybe?

English_Mohican wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 13 17:27:12 CDT 2009

I have also run Wine on fglrx drivers and seen your error message before. It was some time ago and my memory is struggling but I think the game managed to carry on despite that. It crashed later though.

I cannot check that now because I have changed to the radeon driver as ATI are now supporting that development for machines as old as mine!.

When investigating the crash, I concluded that Wine did not correctly translate the version number of the fglrx driver. I think the idea was to convert the ATI Linux driver version string to something more like a Windows driver version string, but (I suspect) ATI had changed the Linux version format themselves and Wine no longer parsed it correctly. Therefore, the string it passed to the game (if the game asked) was gibberish. That could confuse the game properly. This was a few versions ago and may have been fixed, it may not be important, but it was a wine problem, not an ATI one.

Austin will say I should have raised a bug report but I did not reach the level of confidence in my work to do so.

So why raise it now - mostly because I get annoyed by some wine enthusiasts hatred of everything ATI. I am not associated with ATI (except by owning an ATI card) but I think this idea that ATI is wrong and Wine is right is mostly pure bias - perhaps based on long gone history.

Please do not be put off; ATI cards can work quite nicely, as can Wine. Try the open source drivers - they are getting pretty good, try digging around in Wine - you may do better than I did and find your solution and be confident enough to raise that bug report.

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