[Wine] WineHQ on Mac OS X

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 15 20:47:35 CDT 2009

0xbc wrote:
> bkap wrote:
>> By the way, unless you're really trying to customize the install, it's easier to get Wine through  macports (http://www.macports.org) than to build it yourself.
> +1 on that. Also, consider getting yourself the latest RC of XQuartz 2.3.3 for best results.
Mike Kronenberg provides Wine for MacOSX builds that are drag-n-drop
packages that do not leave code all over your hard drive.  He has an
OpenGL fix in his build packages.  However, I do wish that XQuartz 2.3.3
was out with the fixes where they belong.

James McKenzie

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