[Wine] Regression testing questions...

James Huk huk256 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 18:01:44 CDT 2009

OK, today I got a few questions about regression testing.

1.Is there a way to get exact patch using git and regression testing? I
mean, if I found that, as in tutorial:

a460a2df43aa8eae10b1db028c6020829b009c54 is first bad commit
commit a460a2df43aa8eae10b1db028c6020829b009c54
Author: Stefan Doesinger <stefandoesinger at gmx.at>
Date: Sat Jun 9 14:27:41 2007 +0200
wined3d: Store the gl information in a per adapter structure and initialize
it only once.
:040000 040000 d8ae35832fcdbca8de07acae73b9e21564ced413
1720cc38fb598110071c9ee4f21f8f61b6f764c3 M dlls

can I get exact .patch file from this somehow?

2.Is there a way (other then installation of older distros on Virtual
machines) to fix compilation problems with older wine versions? I got good
wine-0.9.15 (yes, I know it is very old...) and bad 0.9.16 and compilation
fails on newer distros (works fine on Ubuntu 6.06 for example).

3,If as above – wine where regression occurred is rather old, and I know
that to this day this regression is still present – should I test with wine
good 0.9.15 and bad 0.9.16 or good 0.9.15 and current git as bad?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English ;]
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