[Wine] Trying to make a Delphi database application run correctly

Daniel Kasak daniel.kasak at 247realmedia.com
Tue Apr 21 00:10:36 CDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-04-20 at 22:29 -0500, vitamin wrote:

> Daniel Kasak wrote:
> > But later versions may have improved.
> What later versions? There wasn't any. Kylix died before learning to crawl.

Oh well that sounds final then. There were at least versions 2 and 3, so
it's not exactly correct to say that there "wasn't any".

I remember considering upgrading, but deciding that I'd probably regret
it almost as much as the 1st purchase. Didn't know the thing had died
completely though. Whatever. Still might be an easy way to make a Delphi
app run if it won't work under wine.

Or alternatively the original poster can ...

Vitamin wrote:
> Upgrade then we'll talk.

Either way, we're both giving help to the best of our abilities, right?


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