[Wine] Re: Photoshop CS - Lacking Features

PopsTX wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 22 09:14:18 CDT 2009

Yep, first place I went when before install.

Got all the "tips - tricks - downloads" (winetricks).

I've subsequently removed and installed again and now have the features that sets Photoshop apart from the rest.  However, it runs NOWHERE as smoothly as it did prior to a total Windows Meltdown.

I've a sneaking suspicion this problem may somehow be a "licensing" issue as my P.S. is part of a suite and all I wanted was P.S. and the "key" is for the entire suite.  Even though the licensed installation will allow "selected" apps to be installed, it real balked when choosing just P.S.  Tried to install A.I. but could not get it to install.

I.M.O.:  It would behove the good folks at Adobe to port their entire product line to LINUX.  However, they don't seem to listen to us as we scream... And have been screaming for years!

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