[Wine] Re: Trying to make a Delphi database application run correctly

marcos_antonio_ps wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 23 07:12:29 CDT 2009

Ok, now I have already done the following things:

1. Uninstalled Wine 1.0.1 completely from the system. I even deleted
         the directory .wine to start clean.
2. Installed Wine 1.1.19 following the instructions found here:
3. Installed ODBC (mdac28) using the winetricks script. I have already checked if it
   installed ok using the command wine odbcad32.exe .

But I haven't installed my application on Wine yet because I want ask you the right way
to do that. My application only consists of five files: the executable, two libraries (.dll),
and two configuration files (.ini). They can reside in the same directory. So I'm
thinking of just creating a new directory under /home/marcos/.wine/drive_c/Program Files and place the files there. Is this the right way? I also would like the program to appear in the Wine menu to easy access. In Windows I have an installer for this application, but I don't think that I need an installer to install this application on Wine as I could have problems trying to run the installer on Wine.


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