[Wine] Re: wow memory error

Sephiroth wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 23 12:12:09 CDT 2009

Go to nVidia's site and download the nVidia installer.  You select the right one the same way you do for Windows drivers.  If you're running 64bit Linux, you will need t select "Linux x64".  If not, just select "Linux".  Once you have the file, you need to exit from KDE/Gnome/whatever and get to a normal login (alt+n at the login screen).  Login as root, move the installer to the root directory, and run it.  Normally you run it by using "sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-blahblahblah.pkg".  Note that you need your Linux headers and building tools installed to do this.

Once it builds and installs, reboot and enjoy.

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