[Wine] Which version of OpenGL is wine using?

James Huk huk256 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 17:25:22 CDT 2009

Hello again.

Today I got following questions:
1.Which version of OpenGL is wine written in? 3.1? 3.0? 2.1? 2.0? Lower
2.Is wine using custom OpenGL extensions? From which vendors (NVIDIA I
guess, ATI, S3, INTEL or others as well?)?
3.What is the minimum OpenGL version to run DX2/3/6/7,DX8,DX8.1 and DX9.0
apps? (I guess for OpenGL apps it doesn't really matter right? You are just
wrapping it to native OpenGL commands probably – correct?)

Can somebody answer that – I'm very curious, also it may help me write my
wine-apps-manager (Yes, I'm trying to write something like that, if I ever
finish it, I will release it – right now it is a mess), if you can, please

Thanks in advance as always.

Best regards and sorry form my English
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