[Wine] Re: Darwine: Running an SDL game

motorollin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 24 10:29:51 CDT 2009

ryan woodsmall wrote:
> As far as dependencies, SDL might or might not be using some image  
> libraries in the background.  I normally grab FreeType, jpeg, tiff,  
> libpng, libxml2 and libxslt, then compile those, THEN build Wine  
> against those libraries.  This is a relatively involved process, of  
> course...

Ok, I'll try to build those libraries first. Would you be able to tell me the correct parameters to configure Wine? I really don't get configure ;)

ryan woodsmall wrote:
> If you're building from MacPorts, make sure you're using the "wine- 
> devel" package.  And before you do anything, make sure MacPorts itself  
> is up-to-date:
> sudo port -v selfupdate

Yep, I updated before I installed it.

ryan woodsmall wrote:
> Note that MacPorts places itself at the beginning of your PATH, so  
> binaries in /opt/local (or wherever you install it) are used before  
> system binaries.  That behavior can be changed in ~/.bash_profile or  
> equivalent.

I found the binaries in /opt/local/bin, but as I said it didn't work. I (perhaps stupidly) installed MacPorts 'wine' first, then when that didn't work removed it and used MacPorts 'wine-devel'. Could that be why it didn't work?

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