[Wine] Help for Wine 1.0.1

linuxnewb wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 24 19:09:10 CDT 2009

Hello  :D 
Well, as my name suggests, I'm a total linux newb.  I really like linux though.  I think it is really great project.

While trying to find solution to run windows games on linux, I found WINE project.  But I am having a bit of trouble with it.

I managed to run StarCraft on linux for the first time, but having trouble with sound.  I found a solution(emulate option for sound), but can't apply it because of the problem I am having.

This is what I have:
-Debian lenny
-Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS
-WINE 1.0.1(stable)

And, this is the trouble that I'm having at the moment:
-Whenever I try to access(clicking on) "Audio" tab from WINE configuration(winecfg), WINE just closes itself.  No errors, no messages...nothing.  It just closes itself.

Since I can't access "Audio" tab, I can't configure the sound.  I found few solutions for similar problems...but I think it doesn't fit with my problem.  (like renaming winearts.drv.so.  I don't have such file in the first place, so can't change its name)

Please help me.  Thank you 

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