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2009/4/25 jasonmh <wineforum-user at winehq.org>

> how are you using that? All that stuff is gobbly gook to me.
You download source code of wine (wine-git or normal wine-1.xxx (for now
wine-1.1.20), download the patches (patches are plain text so simply save
them to files... let say patch1.patch and patch2.patch). Unpack wine source
code and copy patches to wine source folder. Now simply type(in console,
while being in wine dir):
patch -p1 <patch1.patch
patch -p1 <patch2.patch
You should get something like: "Patching file xxx; HUNK xxx succeed at xxx"
now simply recompile wine and use it (instructions on how to compile wine
depends on your distribution for Debian based, like Ubuntu):
1.sudo apt-get build-dep wine (that should get all dependencies required to
build wine)

2.sudo apt-get install checkinstall (this tool will allow you to build .deb
package of wine after compilation)

3.(in wine source dir) ./configure && make depend && make

OR if your CPU have many cores:

./configure && make depend -jX && make -jX where X is numeber of cores your
CPU has

After (hopefully, successful) compilation just type:

sudo checkinstall

and follow instructions there - it should install wine at the end - if it
won't just install it by hand:

sudo dpkg -i wine_<something>.deb

Now you are all set, just type wine appname.exe to start something ;]
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