[Wine] error in FAQ

frank y199mp1505 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 11:54:29 CDT 2009

Wine's FAQ has the following question under 7.3:

> I want my Windows application to be able to launch a Linux
> application to open documents


> You can start Linux applications directly from Wine only if you
> specify full path or use shell:

> /usr/bin/glxgears
> # or
> /bin/sh -c glxgears

This advice is wrong or at best incomplete. I have tried it out
configuring a Windows file manager: it gets confused by the slash
in the path. Even something in the form "z:\\usr\\bin\\glxgears" fails.

Does it work in some (unnamed) Windows applications? Maybe, but I
doubt it. Indeed, if I put a Linux application in Wine's


and browse to it in Wine, Wine tells me "bad EXE format" when
I want to launch it.

As far as I can see, answer 7.3 in the FAQ is totally misleading.

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