[Wine] Re: Help for Wine 1.0.1

linuxnewb wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 25 11:34:06 CDT 2009

Hi  :D 
Well, it took me quite some time to figure things out.  I am so serious about using linux this time that I did not give up.  Finally everything is up and running well.  [Laughing]

I used repository way, and it downloaded and installed WINE 1.1.19.  I was bit confused about this gpg key thing though.  I got some kind of error message saying "broken pipe" or something.   Since I had no clue what error was about, I just ignored error message and proceeded with download and installation.

Hi James,
I initially used WINE that was included in Lenny.  It had WINE 1.0.1 in Lenny installation DVD#1...which has problem with "Audio" tab.

Thanks for all the helps.  I am so happy  8)  :D

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