[Wine] Re: Problem with parameter from Tux to win

JujuLand46 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 26 02:50:05 CDT 2009

In the tool to define the default programs for browsing and mailing, we can declare a personnalized program, instead of Firefox, for example.

For the browser, I have entered this:

"/opt/Program Files/K-Meleon/k-meleon.exe" %u

If I remove %u, K-Meleon is launched without parameter.

%u will be used to say that a parameter can be passed. I don't know how the parameter is passed to the target program, but I expect that in the command line, %u will be replaced by the real parameter.

It seems that it's not made like I thought, and perhaps the source program put it in an env variable, and the target source must read it. I can't clearly explain how it's made, but I need it and I'm really ennoyed.

But perhaps you know the way used by tux programs to pass parameters, and can explain it.



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