[Wine] Edmax multifuctional printer manager under wine

chrisginger26 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 26 05:50:56 CDT 2009

Hi Guys 

I am currently moving my home network to xubuntu/ubuntu/linux from windows/mac os.

I Have a PC in the lounge which is now set up and running mythbuntu 8.10, an eeepc (running xandros to get my wife to convert from mac os) and an imac 17inch 1.25ghz g4 in the kitchen which will eventualy run xubuntu.

So far I have the network setup and I can see all shares on all machines BUT I can only print when the imac is switched on.

The printer is not connected directly to the Imac it is connected to my BT Home Hub via an Edimax ps-1206mf print server and previously this was managed by a application in windows xp called mfp manager (MFP Manager is needed to run the scanner built into the printer).

I have had various attempts at geting this app to run under wine the installer runs its course on the eeepc and gives various x11 warnings about failng to intialise windows firewall :0x80040134. I solved this by changing wine configuration for this app to windows 98 and the software installed completely but would not see the server on the network. 

After unplugging the server I managed to reach the server through wine on my eeepc and mythbuntu box. 

The server manager shows up under other in the applications menu on the mythbuntu box and if I go through winefile in terminal on the eeepc I can find both apps and start the server manager and access the server from the eeepc.

BUT on both machines when I start MFP manager I get the following error messages 


SetupDiEnumDviceInterfaces()returns code:259



Virtual Bus Driver not Loaded

then again after that


SetupDiEnumDviceInterfaces()returns code:259

then I get 


CreateEhciFile() returns INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE in DeleteEHCIHostController().

and then back to desktop.

As I am not very clear on my explanations I have got server manager working but it is MFP Manager that won't work this is the app that comes up with the error messages above.

I have followed the instructions on http://winehq.org/download and updated the mythbox to wine version 1.1.20 and I am still getting the same errors as before.

Anyone got any ideas 



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