[Wine] Translation-related question

PetruD wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 26 08:26:39 CDT 2009

Good day. I'm a Romanian ReactOS translator. (For those who don't know, ReactOS is an operating system which seeks to be 100% compatible and similar to Windows NT.) Many translations from Wine are passed to the ReactOS project when synchronizing the source code.

That leads to the fact that I can't directly translate and/or update any translation of ReactOS files that are in sync with Wine. Some translations are already done here on the Wine project but some of them are wrong (For example Basic colours is translated incorrectly as Culori de bas when the correct translation is Culori de baz), others don't fit with the rest of the translations (The translations of ReactOS should retain the terminology used in Windows. In Windows, Cancel is translated to Revocare, in Wine the translation is Renunc which is the imperative form of the verb a renunca - to give up).

I was told I should speak to you if I want to change these translations but the problem is that many Linux distributions are translated in Romanian using Renunc as Cancel etc and if I try to change the translation in Wine, then the Romanian Linux-users will strongly disagree ...

Now that's a problem! What do you suggest I should do?

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