[Wine] Re: wine over ssh

vijaymk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 26 12:20:44 CDT 2009

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> ....
> I can't work that out. My first assumption was that he wanted to start
> an ssh session and use it to run a script on the remote host: the script
> would start a WINE application several times and would use X11
> forwarding to display its window(s) on the local machine. Now I'm not so
> sure. A re-reading suggests he might want to run a script on his local
> machine that starts the WINE app on a remote host.
> I've decided I don't understand what he wants to do and will say no more
> about it until we hear a clear explanation from him.
> Martin

Yes, you are correct. This is what I intend to do.
[#] I ssh into server1, and run a wine application.
[#] With that app running in the background, I ssh into server2 and run another wine app.
[#] This goes on to 10 different servers.. 
[#] Once an app finishes running (in any server), I need to detect that and re-run the app with slightly different arguments.
 .... and I want to script this whole thing :)

I'm still new to shell scripting and i'll RT(F)M to get that going! :)

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