[Wine] Re: Squeezing every last drop of performance out of DirectX

Daemon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 26 12:53:54 CDT 2009

I was off by 1 digit when I was looking at your heapsize setting.:) I thought it was set to 104 MB not 1 Gig. An easy way to switch off between Compiz<->Metacity is by using 'Fusion-icon'. It's in the ubu repos. No Effects would be Metacity. There's no need to reboot the gdm session. There's also the Vertex/Pixel shader settings in winecfg->Graphics which I'm assuming are selected already. You could test the newer binary drivers (180.51) and see if there's any improvement.

  There's probably some TF2 specific console commands. Google around for a console command list to put in your autoexec.cfg.

  As far WineD3D goes if you want to test out by starting off clean. You could rename /home/(user)/.wine to .wine.old then you'd just have to import the registry settings - system.reg,userdef.reg,user.reg and any relevant EXE's / stuff you might have in Program Files. The .wine directory will be recreated once you do winecfg. If it doesn't do anything for you , you can delete .wine and rename .wine.old back.

out of ideas.

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