[Wine] Re: running wine app without X server or without xvfb

Daemon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 26 14:09:02 CDT 2009

"running wine app without X server or without xvfb"

Does not compute. If you wanted to create another Xsession on a different TTY that's a different story. Then it would be something like this:

echo "password" | sudo -S X :0 -ac -nolisten tcp & nvidia-settings -c 0 -load-config-only 

# Goto game dir (modify as needed)
cd /media/ubu/Stuff/Bethe*/Oblivion

# Forces the system to have a break for 2 seconds, X doesn't launch instantly 
sleep 2

# Launches game (modify as needed)
DISPLAY=:0 wine Oblivion.exe

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