[Wine] Which version of OpenGL is wine using?

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> Direct3D9 and lower report the capabilities offered by the gpu e.g. whether
> the gpu offers multitexturing, shaders and things like that. Games check
> these capabilities and due to that a Riva TNT would be able to run basic
> Direct3D9 apps as long as they don't use shaders.
> Further the OpenGL version itself isn't that important it is mostly about
> the offered OpenGL extensions. If you want to unlock all Direct3D7 features
> you need a Geforce1/2/2mx/4mx or radeon 7xxx, for fully Direct3D8.1 you
> would in theory need a Geforce3/4ti / Radeon8500/9000/9100/9200/9300  but we
> don't support pixel shaders on those cards because the functionality is very
> limited on those cards and is only exposed using some old pixel shader
> extensions. For Direct3D9 SM2.0 support you need a Radeon >=9500 or a
> GeforceFX but for SM3.0 you need a Radeon >= X1300 or a Geforce >= 6200.
Thank You – that is what I wanted to know.

Few more question please...

4.What about wine support for cards other then Geforce or Radeon? For
example, few month ago S3 released something called Chrome GTX 540 – with
full OpenGL 3.0 support – assuming drivers are not buggy, will that card
work well with wine? Will features like PS(Pixel Shaders) and VS(Vertex
Shaders) be supported?

5.If I remember correctly – before OpenGL 3.0 you could use PS only with
Nvidia hardware thought one of the extensions – did that change with the
release of OpenGL 3.0 – in other words, can you use generic OpenGL (NOT
vendor specific extension) to get GLSL and ARB to “emulate” DX Pixel and
Vertex Shaders? If so, are you planning to rewrite wine to use this generic
OpenGL instead of extensions?

Sorry for so many questions – but I REALLY would like to know.

Thanks again

Best regards
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