[Wine] Re: Which version of OpenGL is wine using?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 27 09:49:14 CDT 2009

James Huk wrote:
> 4.What about wine support for cards other then Geforce or Radeon? For
> example, few month ago S3 released something called Chrome GTX 540 – with
> full OpenGL 3.0 support – assuming drivers are not buggy, will that card
> work well with wine? Will features like PS(Pixel Shaders) and VS(Vertex
> Shaders) be supported?

OpenGL is OpenGL no matter who implemented it. It will be supported. What exactly will be available depends on HW & driver.

James Huk wrote:
> 5.If I remember correctly – before OpenGL 3.0 you could use PS only with
> Nvidia hardware thought one of the extensions – did that change with the
> release of OpenGL 3.0 – in other words, can you use generic OpenGL (NOT
> vendor specific extension) to get GLSL and ARB to “emulate” DX Pixel and
> Vertex Shaders? If so, are you planning to rewrite wine to use this generic
> OpenGL instead of extensions?

Wrong. Wine support PS & VS with any card providing ARB/GLSL. And Wine currently desn't use OGL 3.

Wine has 2 shader backends GLSL and ARB. These _are_ the shader implementations. There is nothing to emulate. ARB supports up to 1.4 shaders. So if GLSL available Wine prefers that instead. GLSL supports shaders all the way to 4.0

Wine will not do any sort of shader emulations if they are not supported by the hardware / driver.

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