[Wine] "Fahren Lernen Max", how to make it work?

thePatric wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 27 11:29:52 CDT 2009

Dear wine-users,
here I am, on my fresh Ubuntu 9.04 (which works a lot better than my previous installations - no problem whatsoever with the graphic and sound driver  :D ), trying to make some of my windows-programs to work.

OK, here we go. To help me learn for my drivers license, there is a program called "Fahren Lernen Max", german, as you can see. So, I put in the CD, and first of all I tried to install it using Crossover Games. It displayed some error, but otherwise the installation worked pretty well. Now, this program needs the .net framework 2.0, so I installed it. Problem is, it won't start, because appearently it doesn't recognise the .net framework-thing.

So, I tried it with Wine 1.0.1, with the same result in regard to the installation, but under Wine, the .net framework installer won't work. After a few seconds of installation, it simply stops with the message that "an error occured" or something.

Hope you can help me, and step by step we might get it to work :)

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