[Wine] Re: Which version of OpenGL is wine using?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 27 14:27:34 CDT 2009

James Huk wrote:
> Thanks once again, LAST question – if I get you all correctly, then graphics
> problems with ATI/Intel and other hardware are only driver related (well OK,
> maybe with Intel also HW related) or maybe mesa/dri itself is simply not up
> to the challenge?

Mostly drivers, as HW provides most of the required functionality. Or it's emulated via drivers.

Also there are cases of different behavior between different vendor's drivers. Some match DX behavior some don't. While OpenGL doesn't explicitly specify which is correct.

Also some nVidia extensions implement missing from OpenGL features. While neither ATI nor Intel provide those.

And don't discount Wine - it has lots of bugs that show up on one or the other card. Somewhere it could be combinations of Wine's limitations and game requirements. Somewhere it's a dumb assumptions on game developer's side.

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