[Wine] error in FAQ

frank y199mp1505 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 12:14:27 CDT 2009

occhigrigi wrote:

 > Here's an example, Lotus Notes Client let you configure which 
browser to launch to open http link embedded in email. I've configured 
it as "z:\usr\bin\firefox" and whenever i click on a http link in an 
email it launches flawlessly firefox for linux pointing at the right page.

Very interesting, thanks! But the plot thickens. I followed that link
/usr/bin/firefox and discovered that in the end it launches a binary 
'firefox' of scarce 30KB! It is in /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.9.

Now, where is the real firefox binary that must have quite a size if
you judge from its Windows sibling? It is nowhere! It seems to me that
the 30KB files is just handling some jar-files, i.e. compressed java
libraries. If so, your example does not apply to compiled Linux
binaries with the ELF format.

Would you try to launch a real ELF binary from your Lotus client?

Please note that when I use the Wine browser to launch an ELF
application, it tells me "bad EXE format".

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