[Wine] Re: Rainmeter desktop display, skins not transparent

Caledfwlch wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 28 09:14:22 CDT 2009

Firstly, jay, thanks for replying.

I can confirm what Jay is saying to a tee. Using the Arch Linux latest snapshot of the repos, everything on my system is up-to-date. 

jay wrote:
> It seems like the skin is shown correct first, but then the black corners appear.

I, too, notice this behavior. It's as if the skin 'wants' to appear correctly, but then fails after a half second or so.

jay wrote:
> Furthermore this bug only occures when the wine-version for Rainmeter.exe is set to a Windows 2000 or newer, with ME and below it seems to be displayed fine.

Setting Rainmeter to run in Win98, I can confirm this behavior. It's also notable that Rainmeter's menu "Transparency >" option is now grayed upon using Win98, forcing any used Rainmeter skin to 0% transparency.

It's also useful to note that, when using Win98, Rainmeter no longer bounces all over the screen when switching Compiz virtual desktops.

When moving the skin in Win98, you'll also note a reload of Rainmeter all together may need to occur due to the wallpaper background not changing.

jay wrote:
> I hope I could give you some useful info or at least didn't waste your time too much. 

Believe me when I say your reply worked wonders. Thank you for trying!

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