[Wine] Re: Updating Wine and using native DLLs

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 28 14:57:17 CDT 2009

Azrael Strife wrote:
> Hey, I just have the two questions from the subject.
> I'd like to keep wine updated to latest version (even if not the stable), how can I do it?


Azrael Strife wrote:
> Second, I would like to use the native DLLs from my windows copy, is there an instructive on how to replace wine's with those? I'd like to test if some games that do not work currently will work with native dlls.

Don't! Use this as the last resort to get something working. Wine is not meant to be run with native dlls. Some undocumented features these dlls depend on are absent from Wine.

Also note that lots of Wine dlls can not be replaced with native. That includes most of D3D. You can only use some helper dlls like d3dx9_??.dll from windows. But not core dlls like d3d9.dll.

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