[Wine] [wine] keystroke speed issue

Nataraj S Narayan natarajsn at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 00:08:44 CDT 2009


Why does a Wine App  respond slow to keyboard events , while the same
App in WIndows  is pretty fast on keyboard?

This  is specifically visible for Menu selection using keyboard short
cuts. The users normally use a series of key inputs to go fast into
the submenus. Say like 'A  L V' are keyed in sequentially to goto
Accounts->Ledgers->Vouchers.  Herein comes the delay of about 2
seconds for 'A' to get selected and then so on, driving the user up
the wall.

The other parts excluding the menu shortcut selections are almost as
fast as in WIndows.

Could it be due to the X server ,which might be slow on keyboard?

Using 'i810'  driver for Xserver on  Debian Lenny. The  graphics card
is Intel 82865G. Do I need to set the keyboard config somehow?

In case of using WINEDEBUG which dll do I check out to find the speed leak.

TBBle told me in IRC to get a profiler to check out.

Please suggest



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