[Wine] Is it possible to install and successfully run httpd-2.2.11?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 29 21:15:10 CDT 2009

Shingoshi wrote:
> The configuration of apache is up to the user. This includes the port number to which it is attached.
> As for my being confrontational. 

You are. 
> I asked how it could be done.
Did you look for yourself, first.  We do have a thing called an
applications database.  You MIGHT find it useful.  You MIGHT want to add
your input. 
>  I didn't ask whether or not it should be done. So the simple solution here, was that if you didn't know how to complete what I was asking for, there was no need for you to answer.
You MIGHT find the sound of crickets interesting.  That MIGHT be all
that you hear.  There are literally MILLIONS of Windows Applications and
some are very esoteric and have a very small user base.  Most of us run
Apache and Apache-Tomcat, not httpd as it has a much smaller base and
Apache is known to work with Wine.

>  There is software that I my need to check the operation of when using apache.
So you do use Apache.  Well excuse me.  I also use Firefox and Safari as
I use a Mac.  These are also available for Windows.

>  There are may packages typically used exclusively for windows, which I attempt to test in the Wine environment. I customarily run copies of all the Mozilla packages in Wine for comparison. This is required to verify the function of many extensions.
I would also ask that you use Firefox as well.  It is finding more and
more users in the Windows community and is what I use when accessing web
sites outside of my company's domain.

The bottom line is like Mr. Austin English stated:  Try it.  If it
works, tell us.  If it does not, tell us that it does not.  File a bug
report.  Maybe, just maybe you will find someone here that uses httpd,
but I doubt it as no messages were posted for this product for the last
two years.  If we don't know that things are broken, then we cannot even
begin to fix them.  We don't have the time to test each and every
application, just those that enjoy a following (look through the forum
to see what I mean.)

> So I was only looking for responses from those who engage in actual development.
Let's see.  There are about 200 active developers and over a million
active users.  No reports of httpd problems in two years.  Must be a
really popular program or it runs right out of the box.  However, if you
look for World of Warcraft, you will see daily postings about problems
with it.  Ditto with Steam and Office 2003/2007. 

>  So please refrain from any further postings, unless you can specifically answer the question.
What are you going to do about his postings?  See, there is one thing
that you need to know.  All of us out here, with a few notable
exceptions (codeweavers.com) do this in our spare time.  We don't get
paid to do this.  All that we do ask is that you do something.  That is
try the program, if it's broke tell us.  Can you do that for us, please?

>  And based on the issues that you've raised, it's apparent you're not qualified to do so.

Let's see.  Austin puts in a patch.  I test it and give feedback. 
Sometimes on a daily basis.  I live in the world of software QA.  I do
it for fun and profit.  What was your question? (humor is intended.)

What we are trying to tell you is that Wine is an Open Source project. 
There are many volunteers.  We have folks who install programs on it
daily and come here to get help.   You are coming here to ask if anyone
has used httpd on Wine.  It is very obvious that you are the first.  As
a professional software developer, you should know to look in the bug
reports and applications databases.  If there is no information there,
then you should state "I went to Bugzilla and the Appdb and could not
find anything on httpd.  Anyone out here tried it?  If so, I would like
to know your experiences and if you had any problems."  However, you
appear to be asking how to install httpd on Wine and since no one to my
recall has tried it, you would read nothing and there would be no replies.

I will add, for the third time, we don't have time to try each and every
Windows Application.  You are going to have to try it yourself.   Good
luck and please let us know how it went.

BTW, I work with Apache and Apache-Tomcat where I work.  I don't 'play'
with it, I don't have the time.

James McKenzie

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