[Wine] New to Wine on a Mac, Please Help

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 29 21:23:33 CDT 2009

MacUser1985 wrote:
> Thanks, that was helpful, I especially liked this:
> "sudo ln -s ~/.wine/drive_c/"Program Files" ~/Desktop"
> I'd rather see the whole "C:\Drive" and tried "sudo ln -s ~/.wine/"drive_c" ~/Desktop"
Interesting, but I'm not going to try placing the folder from Wine on my
> It worked, very nice and convenient.
> However, the 32 bit version of this world editor is giving me error messages about setting display depth to 32 bit, and it freezes/crashes when I attempt to load a map or start working on a new one....
> How do I set the X11 window that is opened to 32 bit?
Is the editor available on-line?  I would like to install/test it to see
if the bug will go away with the next version of XQuartz.

Your display, if you are running a MacBookPro, should already be setup
to support 32 bit video depth.  You did not state which Mac you are
running on.

Can you provide the following:

Open About this Mac from the Apple menu and tell us which version of
MacOSX you are using?  The click on the More Info... button and then
click on the Graphics/Display item under Hardware and tell us which
video card you are using, the size and color depth of the display you
are using?

Thank you.

James McKenzie

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