[Wine] Europa 1400 Gold & Securom.

Logan Gabriel logan.gabriel at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 12:14:06 CST 2009


    I'm trying to play Europa 1400 Gold in wine (1.1.33) on an ubuntu (9.10)
platform.  When I run the game executable
    I get a popup message with Securom complaining that it thinks its an
emulator.  I did some googling this morning and
    saw many similar issues, with notes that Securom seems to be hit or
miss.  E.g it works in some games, not in others.

    I did find a patch for a much older version of wine 0.94 days that got
some versions of Secureom working by adding
    some extra padding to the tagSUBHEAP structure in ./dlls/ntdll/heap.c, I
tried some similar things for about an hour but
    have had no luck.  Admittedly I have not looked at it too closely, but
if anybody on the list can provide some pointers
    to debugging it I would be happy to spend the time.

    I have also seen that the version of Securom seems to matter a good deal
(obviously), I am not sure how to find
    its version information however or I would have included it.

    Oh last important thing I have the real CD, not an ISO or a copy or an
image with daemon tools.  I suppose
    daemon tools would be easier, but it would be really nice to see it
"just work".

Logan Gabriel.
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