[Wine] Re: What was windows program requested?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 3 23:02:47 CST 2009

phamnhatkhang at gmail.com wrote:
> Every body here knew that wine is a good tool for us to use any windows programs. Ofcuze, it's not worked for some program because it's owner can't be a big company like Microsoft. But we can see they do their best to help us.

And the point of this is? One will always be able to find a program that doesn't work on Wine. Same applies to any particular version of Windows. What's MS got to do with it?

And who is doing their best, MS??? How so? By providing useless documentation? By constantly writing new broken API and newer fixing old API or even enforce it? By claiming that OSS stole their IT without actual prove?

PS: I'll let you answer it before closing this topic as needless flame bait.

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