[Wine] RichEdit problem with Delphi QuickReport App

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 4 10:39:36 CST 2009

fang wrote:

>[quote="James Mckenzie"]
>> Please review bug 6254 for a possible fix for this problem.  I am working on a better patch for implementation of this function as the current patch does not pass testing.  However, the patch does implement this function so that formatting works as it does in Windows.
>> James McKenzie
>Is this patch available to implement?  If so, how?
I have found that the patch does not implement the function correctly through testing.  The bug advises to use:


winetricks riched20


Please do so, and run the program again from the terminal and advise of any further difficulties encountered.

Please update the bug report with your program name and vote for the bug so we can track who is experiencing problems caused by the lack of this function.

James McKenzie

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