[Wine] Re: Memory Limitations for WINE 1.1.33 under Mac OS Leopard

tpatko wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 5 17:05:42 CST 2009

Dear Gert:

Thank you for the reply.  There is no problem for me to make the modified source available for download.  Thank you for the suggestions.  I will read the GPL and LGPL before distribute the WINE binaries that I have built to ensure that I am in compliance.

If anyone can assist with my question # 1 then I will be off an running :-)

1) How can I package the custom binary that were built with the modified loader/main.c? All I need is for this WINE binary to be portable for use on other Mac Users machine. I plan to distribute separate WINE binaries for Leopard and Snow Leopard packages. I just want to make sure that there are no path of library dependency issues that I should be concerned with.

I know that I can do a "make install" but this will drop everything into my /usr/local/bin directory. I need to have all of the custom build WINE binaries (and dependencies if necessary) drop into a single directory which I can then include with my own Windows binaries and call to run my Windows programs. Is there an easy way to do this? I know that there are way to build WINE into a more robust application (as with Winebottler,...etc) but I do not need anything this complex. Since this WINE binary will be intended for use ONLY with this one program, I just need all of the WINE binaries delivered into a single directory without path or dependencies issue so that it the Windows binary can be run on any user's machine simply by calling this WINE binary to whatever location it will ultimately end up getting installed.

I hope that this request makes sense. I suppose that I could just copy the directory where I built WINE, but this directory is HUGE at over 400MB. I would like to make it as small as possible while ensuring that it still functions properly. 

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