[Wine] Re: Arguments for Wine on windows/incremental adoption

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 10 16:14:49 CST 2009

Most if not all of the Userspace dll's already can build for windows if developers decide to use it.

Wined3d also works on windows.   This is supported development by visualization software makers.

Sorry to say wine has a bug for bug policy and is not really a platform in it own right.  Linking by default to wine dll's is not something that is recommended.

Really we don't need to bother about wine dlls on windows platform.  Reactos is a replacement NT core using wine dll's.   So far they are not including 16 bit support.  Important thing here why should wine run on windows so providing windows with the same compatibility as wine + windows own?  Doing so would undermine Reactos's efforts and any one else lining up to clone windows.

Reactos are working on support for MS compilers and build envorment.   Wine only worries itself about gcc.  So why duplicate effort with Reactos?   

Wine better game compatibility in places brings users to Linux Solaris BSD and Mac.   Why should we undermine this?

Next is doing what you describe would also undermine people from making cross platform code.   So giving MS always the advantages.  One dll at a time so what MS just releases more dlls more incompatibility you get no where.

Somehow you are making a major mistake here.   Wine is not about existing long term.   Wine is about being a stop gap for applications you cannot get any other way.

If every application that people wanted was released for Linux and other platforms wine would cease to exist.  This is the preferred outcome for most wine supporting people.

Really better support for items like QT and KDE inside wine is a far better way forward.  Make it more profitable for developers to use cross platform toolkits in the first place avoiding the complete windows problem.

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