[Wine] Re: Arguments for Wine on windows/incremental adoption

Deweirdifier wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 12 13:08:55 CST 2009

> People already end up with QT installed and are not aware.  http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/story/app/qt-in-use/target/desktop

I don't think you get what i'm saying. All these applications that you mention, have to come bundled with there QT libraries. I'm saying, you install the full thing, so actual programs get much smaller at download. If you install 10 QT programs, you'll get the same stuff 10 over, each in the installation folder of the program. And most probably, its not the exact same version number, one may be 4.3.1 other 4.2.2. I'm saying that all prorammers should have the asurance, that they will find QT, vertion X, that will be upgraded only at date Y (Not when QT issues a new vertion), at standard location Z. For now QT is not a platform, its just a toolkit for writing programs.

 If you are utorrent, size matters a lot, its 300KB, but if it had to comme with the libs it uses, it would be several MBs.

> The most important thing here is we take a path that gives developers advantages by making there life simpler as well.

Look, people ARE using windows API, there are reasons for this. If the problem is what i'm theorizing then we can fix it. I suspect that the problem is not technical per see, cool coding can't help that is. A really whant to here your input on this, and don't start with rants and fanboy stuff, people ARE using mickeysoft API, why? How to fix it?

> Of course the platform independant api solution has to be free of future legal problems.  Ie .net does not fit. 

:) , i was thinking deployment of QT/GTK whatever, in the same maner as .net. With a lot of marketing.


:) :) :) :) marketing marketing marketing

> Remember opengl that is already a universal solution performs very well under wine due to pass throughs to native.  Compared to direct x that require emulation.
> For games a push to provide an opengl engine would be beneficial to gamers using wine.

Well, obviously, opengl is doing something wrong. I hear its hard to use for games


Candidates for mass deploiment: QT GTK Java Khronos Mono opengl SDL openal
thats what? several 100s of MB combined?

My proposal, you create a project, from wich you download a set of standard libraries. The vertions must stay fixed for some time, with only security fixes, other wise bugs will rec havoc with compatibility. A bit like a linux distribution, but more conservative, because a lot of software will be closed source. You create a foundation thing, with various promises about timetables.

You simply ask people to just install them and forget about them. It doesn't get lazier then that. You don't even ask to use any particular program, its up to the applications that alredy use, or future applications, to start using the libs. You use a lot of marketing and a promises for the very long term. Even if the project fails eventually, they didn't spend that much of there time and energy in it. Its almost like a sort of petition.


users: Install and forget them. You lazy bastards.
programmers: Look, cool library X is on 80% of world computers. Go and use it you suckers.

Current expansion strategy has FAILED, time to try something else.

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