[Wine] Re: Inbit messenger throwing a page fault

Rapoza wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Dec 14 11:39:12 CST 2009

I found a operating program in a WXP that doesn't have the library, so I disabled it in wine.
It works... or at the most doesnt throw an error.
It shows the icon in the taskbar. Then I right click and try to login. then It does nothing. Debug shows no error nor messag

It seems as if the login window is out of the desktop, as the icon seems to be busy waiting for me to do something.
The (micro)machine is a mini-portatile (Intel Atom) running the most strange Ubuntu that I've ever seen. Although is a Karmic, it doesn't have desktop. All is a palleted menu with huge icons.

Any idea?

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