[Wine] Re: wine and vmware

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Dec 16 23:14:22 CST 2009

sajadsa wrote:
> does wine is a intermediate that gets command one by one and run with its tools

No. Wine doesn't interpret individual CPU instructions - those natively run on the CPU. Wine implements Windows API - all the functions application calls to do it's work. Then Wine calls the underlaying system to do the actual work.

As an example - drawing a text on the screen. When app calls an API function to draw some text Wine calls X server to draw that text (I'm skipping some processing in between). While inside VM Windows goes through all the processing itself, and then tries to draw some bitmap on the screen with a help of a video driver. But you have a virtual screen - a VM window. So VM now calls X server to draw a bitmap.

In short:
Wine: App -> Wine -> system library -> X -> driver -> display
VM: App -> Windows -> windows libraries -> win. kernel -> display driver -> VM screen -> X -> driver -> display

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