[Wine] Printing Setup

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Fri Dec 18 06:15:14 CST 2009

On Thu, 2009-12-17 at 20:41 -0600, dsmithnc wrote:
> I have two Ubuntu Linux installations, one 9.04 and one 9.10, both with WINE 1.1.31.  I have a networked printer, an HP Photosmart C-5100.  Aps in WINE on the 9.04 machine print perfectly.  Nothing prints in WINE using the 9.10 install of Ubuntu.
> when I check the printer setup I see this:
> STATUS: Dummy State
> TYPE: Dummy Type
> WHERE: Dummy Location
> COMMENT: Dummy Remark
> Oh, I can print fine with 9.10 apps.
> Anyone have an idea what's going on our what I need to look at?
Is your print server (CUPS server) set to publish its shared printers
and allow printing from the internet? On earlier Fedora releases these
were on by default but now they are off by default. Enabling them is
safe if you have the firewall enabled and/or you are using an ADSL
router with NAT capability, which most have.

WINE connects to the printer using a socket and the IPP protocol, so
those options must be on for WINE to print. Many native apps print by
piping the output through the lpr utility, which is why they work but
WINE won't unless you change the cups server settings.  


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