[Wine] Re: Help with this program install error

chisa wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 20 12:36:26 CST 2009

Hi markclewis1, did you get it fixed?

I've been having same problem as you: sign in to my account on shockwave.com to play the downloaded game.

I tried your fix, ie, install IE6 (tried both 6 and 7) and shockwave through winetricks and make IE the default browser, but this gives me a different error message.

Wonder if ever a shockwave subscriber got it running under Ubuntu. The online games work pretty well on firefox for ubuntu, but we all know that macromedia only released flash for Linux  [Crying or Very sad] 

I'd greatly appreciate your help  :) 

Wine browser:
[Image: http://gusxag.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pnznQEcXXIz1xXg-p9rSRFHaQGsOzt0rNYA-_5wlcPovn9ikK6sQr-V0Ex1SboHVZkpzxkFhLwAbucKvPwhiJP5pMCg8Pskes/signin.jpg ]

[Image: http://gusxag.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pFmWIjLe7tp9B7IxUYXAjgqkRdRJP2d8R40OrfwslyxNlvfiz7VZE5lwtMsXpHhNvngMSFzUM0H3bXIQCVZQWcA6sXya738AU/IE7sign.jpg ]

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