[Wine] Re: Configure Wine via Terminal

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 20 13:37:09 CST 2009

Sterndeuter wrote:
> What does HLCU and HKLM mean?


Sterndeuter wrote:
> And where do I find this path?

These are registry "paths" and you can find them in registry using regedit. It works the same as Windows' registry and regedit. If you have no idea about what that is and how that works - you'll have to educate yourself. This forum doesn't teach how to use Windows.

If you want a dirty/simple solution - export all registry on clean Wine (see command line options for regedit). Do your configuration, then export registry again. Use 'diff -up' to find differences and create registry file to set all the required settings at once.

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