[Wine] Installing a game (Dark Age of Camelot) HELP!!! New user

Shmiggles wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 26 17:40:05 CST 2009

Hi guys, sorry if this is spam, but I have been trying to install this game for hours now, and cant figure it out.  I already installed steam and was able to play TF2 easily, but when I tried to install Dark Age of Camelot i ran into a bit of trouble because I had to do the unsupported install on crossover.  This is the process I went through.  I went to the game homepage at camelotherald.com and downloaded the .exe install.  I then went to crossover and tried to install it by going to "Insert an install CD, or use the CrossOver Games Software Installer." "install unsupported software" then "continue" then "new bottle" I created the bottle and everything, located the .exe file i downloaded from the camelotherald.com and clicked it, the installer opens and starts to install, then it asks me to select a path and the default path it has wont work (the install button is greyed out), ive tried everything i could think of to find a folder to install it to, but no luck- how do I get past this point?!?! PLEASE HELP!!!! im dieng here

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