[Wine] WoW opengl video degredation

tparker at etherstorm.net tparker at etherstorm.net
Tue Dec 29 11:27:46 CST 2009

I was going to add to the thread on the appdb WoW page in the section "severe 
video degredation" but it won't let me log in.  I'm hoping someone here who 
know more about opengl than I will have some ideas of what to try.

In one part of the game (one of the new instances, Pit of Saron) graphics go 
bad, fast and hard. They change to bright, flashing poly/triangles like those 
we used to get trying to play the game in d3d. If I can change the camera 
angle quick enough to aim at a different spot I can keep the game from crashing 
but if I can't find a safe camera angle fast enough the game crashes to desktop 
with no error messages (even when started in terminal). 

This is a common problem, there are lots of posts on the appdb, blizzard, and 
distro forums about it and it is happening only in opengl - wine, windows, or 
mac. The Blizzard fix is to disable opengl and run the game in d3d. Since that 
isn't an option for wine, does anyone have any other ideas?

One of the oddities is that the camera angle effects how bad the graphics get. 
If I go in on my gnome character (very short) it still happens, but not nearly 
as bad, not as much flashing, and never enough to crash the game. If I go in on 
my Night Elf (tall character) it is much worse in all respects and most often 
crashes the game. 

Things I have tried/changed and still had this happen:
--Wine versions 1.1.26 through .34 (current version is .32) 
--Both 64 and 32 bit versions of Fedora 11 and 12, (only with 32 bit wine) 
(current version is Fedora 12KDE, 32)
--Nvidia drivers 185 through 190 (current version 190.42)
--Running the game with all graphics options set to minimum, no extra effects, 
voice, sound, anything.
--Removing all addons, fresh installs of both Wine (several versions) and the 
game, starting the game after a fresh reboot with no other graphics or sound 
programs (other than X) going before or during the game.

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