[Wine] Re: Darwine stopped working

ekah wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 1 03:36:12 CST 2009

> Yes, sadly Apple did something that is breaking Darwine.  You will have
> to add an Environment parameter to make it work.  See my other postings
> on the gdi32.dll error.  I am working on building a copy of Darwine that
> will automatically detect where certain libraries are installed and
> adjust the parameter while running.
> James McKenzie


Here i have Leopard (newest Patch Level) with newest Xcode. I didnt have any Problems you mentioned with gdi.

I used the Builds from Mike Kronenberg.
After i found that i am unable to use FixFoto (you remember?) i tried to make Darwine from source and succeeded with 1.1.13 and with 1.1.14 too. At the time i didnt get such errors with gdi. Maybe because i try to use the "wrong" programs?
My FixFoto isnt running with the newest wine too :-(
I didnt have any cluse why its running on Linux with wine and not an a mac. Is there any information/documentation where the differencies are between Linux and Mac with wine? Maybe this help fo my problem and for your gdi-problem too?


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